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  • Updated On: Oct 01, 2014

    On the spookiest night of the year, teach kids that safety comes first. With so much excitement, fun and candy to be had, Halloween is the favorite holiday of many kids, and kids at heart. On this special night, take a minute to review the following safety tips to keep your little ghosts and goblins safe and sound.

    • Choose costumes and masks made of light-colored, flame-resistant fabric, decorated with reflective tape.
    • Keep inside and outside lights on at home to protect and welcome trick-or-treaters.
    • Use makeup instead of masks if possible. If you do use a mask, ensure the eyeholes allow for full, unobstructed vision.
    • Make sure costumes are well fitted and do not drag on the ground so kids won′t trip and fall.
    • Always accompany your trick-or-treaters on their route. If older trick-or-treaters go out without an adult, they should always stay in groups and let parents know their intended route.
    • Remind kids to look both ways before crossing the street, and to cross at corners if possible.
    • Keep luminaries and jack-o′-lanterns with candles away from doorsteps and landings so costumes won′t brush up against them. Use battery-operated candles instead of open flames whenever possible.
    • When lighting a candle inside a jack-o′-lantern, use a long fireplace lighter or utility lighter to prevent burns.
    • Only offer treats that are wrapped and sealed, and carefully inspect your kids′ treats before they eat them.
    • Provide kids with flashlights while they′re trick-or-treating, or incorporate a glow stick into their costume.
    • If you′re celebrating inside, keep exits clear of any decorations so nothing blocks escape routes.
    • If they′re attending a Halloween party at others′ homes, tell children to plan how they would get out of the house in case of emergency.
    • Make sure wherever they go, kids know to stay away from open flames, and that they know the “stop, drop and roll” rule well.

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